X-ecutioner Style — X-Ecutioners feat Black Thought of The Roots | Текст песни Воскресенье 06:32 26.05.2024
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From the top / From the top / From the top / From the top
From the top / From the top / From the top / From the top

Shut up / Shut up / Shut up / SHUT UP!
[When I’m talking to you]
Shut up / Shut up / Shut up / SHUT UP!
I’m about to:
Wasn’t that fun? / Lets try something else
Forty five caliber killa
But outta the philla-dela-realla
Show ya’ll brothers how you not a guerilla
Smooth talking, fully automatic weapon concealer
Take skrilla / Break pillas / Hit em’ with the godzilla
Filthy stinkin’
Standin’ on solid ground / Still be sinkin’
Submerging in the parks / Still be Linkin
Pluck beef when its starts so fuck your thinking
It’s not a mirage
I’m in a motherfuckin tractor
From out of the garage
Wonder if you can duck / But it’s hard to dodge
In the back of that spine’s where my darts is lodged
’Thought flipin’ / Straight up rippin’ apart ya squad
X-ecutioner style / Cuts and blends
Like a syringe
Bangin’ you in each of ya limbs
See me comin’ through ya party hard
Without no bodyguard
Smoking something
Stompin’ on each of ya Tims
I’m the B to the L the A the C King
And when it come to planning the thought
Keep thinking: Man

Shut up / Shut up / Shut up / SHUT UP!
Shut up / Shut up / Shut up / SHUT UP!

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